The Game Changer Induction Week is a chance for participants to explore the many opportunities that they have access to while on the programme. It’s also a time to plan for future progression whether that be employment, training or education.

The most recent Induction Week took place on 27th – 31st June. The week saw 7 Young people get involved throughout the week with the different activities delivered by Game Changer. Participants were introduced to different sectors including health and social care, hospitality and the creative industries as well as a chance to meet with Cherish to explore progression opportunities.

Following on from the success of Induction Week, participants have discovered different paths to explore to pursue their career journey.

One participant will be supported up by Game Changer sector partner, Cornwall Marine Network, to further explore the merchant navy as well as engineering opportunities. Another participant showed interest in outdoor education and lifeguarding, he will also be meeting with Cornwall Marine Network to introduce him to outdoor education progression.

Other participants will now be meeting their navigators to discuss what they enjoyed about the week and what they wish to explore further as well as attend activities on the regular online schedule.

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