As the Kickstart programme is beginning to roll, employers right across the country are gearing up to support the first wave of Kickstart placements. If we are honest with ourselves none of us really know how it’s going to go and it’s pretty likely there will be some bumps in the road. However the way the employers we are working with are approaching it is pretty inspiring. Whatever the concerns or niggles with the programme the overarching commitment to make it work for young people is heart-warming.

Employers have a real variety of experience of dealing with young people and we are finding employers need a real mix of support. Some need support in setting up the placement and ensuring all the right policies are in place; some want someone to provide direct mentoring and work based training; some need flexible work space to come and work from with their placement and others need support in recognising the young person for what they have achieved using digital badges and help connecting them up to opportunities after the placement.

As an employer you can access support from the Gateway organisation you are working with or equally can access support from other organisations as well. There are lots of really experienced and high quality organisations out there and finding the right support for you as an employer is really important.

We have put together an offer as a response to what our employers want but equally recommend some of our employers to access support from other orgs as there is lots out there.

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