Happy New Year!

Although there are plenty of challenges, at last, the vaccine means there really is hope on the horizon and a very good chance that come the summer, we will be able to put significant restrictions behind us and enjoy time together again. We are certainly looking forward to the energy and buzz we know happens when we see each other in our co-working spaces and to all the great events, workshops and happenings yet to come.

However, we are not quite there yet. You will all have seen the very sobering news about the rapid rise in numbers of people with Covid and the urgent need for us all to re-double our efforts to stop the virus spreading. Clearly, following government guidelines is part of how we do this, but individually and collectively we need to take responsibility, do the right thing and keep each other safe.

To this end, we have taken the very difficult decision to close our co-working spaces for the next few weeks, until the end of January.

We are monitoring developments very closely and as soon as we can begin to relax restrictions, we will. In the meantime, we’ll keep in touch and would love to hear more about the exciting things you are all doing. Sharing stories to keep each other going is needed more than ever.

Stay safe and positive – the vaccine is being delivered. Although timings remain uncertain, once we get beyond this wave, we really can look forward to better times and to pushing forward without constant stops and starts.

With love,

Lindsey x