Real Ideas is proud to announce our commitment to the Resurgam Charter: Plymouth’s COVID-19 economic recovery plan. The Resurgam Charter was developed in order to ‘build back better’. COVID-19 has well and truly left its mark on the world, but amongst all the breaking headlines, local communities and families have been through some unimaginable scenarios due to the pandemic. Our commitment entails growing a sustainable and prosperous economy that reduces inequality and focuses on the wellbeing of people living in Plymouth.

The Resurgam Charter brings hope in two ways. One, we’re letting our locals know we care, we haven’t forgotten the tough times people have endured, and we will focus our efforts on individuals’ wellbeing. Second, we will use this opportunity to build back better, we want to put in place infrastructure which incorporates the environment, prevents high numbers of unemployment, and encourages a sustainable way of spending.

The pandemic has brought to light social injustice and the effects of climate change, huge issues which need to be addressed urgently. The Resurgam Charter is a framework for discussion and decision making that includes the big themes which are often brushed under the carpet (spending, employing, upskilling, community and the environment). Below explains how we plan to tackle the topics ahead of us.


Spend locally. Simple. Why? Because this way we circulate money which is already present in Plymouth (the local economy). The location of Plymouth could prevent some businesses from breaking into bigger markets, but there is no need if businesses find success locally.


The focus for employment is on flexibility and fairness. In practice this is promoting organisations that offer job opportunities to protected groups, pay all staff the real living wage and ensure there is flexibility in the workplace.


At face value upskilling doesn’t need to be explained, it does what it says on the tin. However, the pandemic has put pressure on businesses to develop digitally and adapt to changes. Therefore, the Resurgam Charter promotes continued learning to allow for individual growth and development – which in turn will be seen within the organisation.


We understand that happier communities allow Plymouth to flourish. Local organisations and businesses can help communities feel strong and more settled, and in turn, communities will engage more with local activity.


Surveys have reported that people want to work for companies that have a social conscience and are environmentally aware. In order for businesses and organisations to operate long-term, we need to think and act more sustainably and reduce our impact on the Earth. Climate change will continue to make our surroundings vulnerable to change so we have to be ready for when those changes occur.

Find out more about the Resurgam Charter on their website today.