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ARTCRY - Art Funding

  • Posted: 30th November, 2021
  • Location: Online
  • Opportunity type: Funding


ARTCRY are looking for artists that can shine a light and startle some sense into the world with radical, inspiring ideas. ARTCRY is a new fund which aims to encourage artists to create bold political work with funding available in seven days to ensure there is fast action.

Their will be a panel of artists, activists, creators and producers that will be making the decision on the application. The decision will be made within seven days of applying as they realise in the current climate that were in, 48 hours makes a headline old news so they needed to be able to make this decision faster for the artists. The panel that makes the decisions change every 6 months so that it is regularly changed.

ARTCRY is led by a group of artists, creatives, agitators and producers. They believe that the fund can be a good way to enable and encourage more artists to make work as part of their public dialogue. Artistic responses can challenge a narrative, provoke deeper conversation or capture the mood of a community in the moment.

What work they want to fund?

  • Opens up or provokes dialogue and doesn’t close it down
  • Can startle people with a new perspective
  • Asks audiences to think more deeply
  • Strives to make an impact
  • Respects difference
  • Can be presented in the public realm, with a spirit of openness and accessibility at its core

Criteria to apply:

Work is time-critical

The reason ARTCRY exists is to encourage artists to make work which responds to social and political events that are happening now. Any work funded by ARTCRY is required an immediate start.

Work must be presented for free in the public realm

ARTCRY are looking to support artistic public space interventions. This could be on the streets, in a public space or digitally.

To find out more about ARTCRY and to send in your application please visit


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