Things the Real Ideas team are really loving this week:

  • Getting out of our houses and working from our amazing co-work spaces again in Plymouth and Newquay
  • Saying hello in person (greeting people with “Hey! How was your lockdown?” is bizarrely normal now)
  • Having a cup of coffee in the Ocean Studios courtyard sun (it’s truly baking hot in the middle of the day, bliss).

As we continue to open our spaces, and get our calendar populated with an array of exciting events, we’re also looking forward to showing off how lovely our buildings and our community is with a series of photoshoots!

We’re not looking for false smiles and super posed people pretending to work – we want to get photos of our actual community using and enjoying our spaces in a genuine way.

So consider this your invitation to get involved! If you would be happy to be part of a photoshoot of our spaces please contact – we’ll of course share any images with you in them in return and this will give the Real Ideas team a great chance to connect with you, find out what exciting things you’re working on and shout about them in return.

There will be a range of dates at Ocean Studios – and soon to be open Market Hall (oooh!) – for shoots, we hope you can make one of them!

Want to be involved but not a member yet? You can find out everything you need to know about all our membership tiers (we have free membership that keeps you connected and in the know as well as paid options which give you access to co-work spaces and support) by clicking here.